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I started the web site back in 2002 , my name was available as domain and just for the fun of it registered the name. Then built a very serious web site about “my fabulous web design qualities.”
Well OK then CSS was not so common and I liked it. I really believed I had the world at my feet … ha ha 😉

When I transferred to this more personal “Notes on Life and more or Less” early 2012, some 10 years later I knew better: Years ago already the www exploded , the net became over commercialised and full time, top-quality full-time professional web designers can be found all over the planet, many offer their designs for almost free ( Like the one who laid the basis of this design) . Nowadays I feel more comfortable running my own web sites and make the odd one for family and friends.
Most of the time I start with a free or paid for existing design and give it my own flavour.

So what to do with ? Well just this what you see before you, a bit of sharing some notes on life. Not specially focussed on commerce, just sharing very serious and not so serious facts of my daily and past life, my photography and making ‘things’. eMotions that stir me and perhaps interest others, because that is what makes internet such a wonderful place: a free exchange of experiences for the better good of us all!