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The name ‘ Jaap ‘


Jaap, a very traditional Dutch  given name for a boy  that is short for Jacob or Jacobus.

As such it means: ‘the softly spoken’ and ‘gentle -minded’ .
Personally I can feel comfortable with that 😉

Jaap is pronounced in English speaking countries as Yaab

Friends of Jaap may call him Japie or Japio

When a Jaap is a very little boy he may be called Jaapje ,
in Dutch the addtion of …je to a subject / word means ‘a smaller version’

In Dutch Language ‘Jaap’ appears in folk sayings :

Lange Jaap — Tall John

Een Jaap in de vinger — A cut in a finger ( by a knive )

In the Sikh tradition Jaap has a sacred meaning:

Naam-Jaap is to remember the Benevolent Lord. Naam is the Name and Jaap means the recitation. Recitation of the Name of God. Practice of the Naam-Jaap is the highest human virtue. It is panacea for getting the peace of mind and for the realization of the Real Self Any one of any faith, with a few adjustments in this write-up, can use it to practice it for his evolution – development of the virtues and elimination of the vices i.e. preparation to enter higher spiritual domains and realize the Self (God factor in the creation and the Creator).
NAAM-JAAP, the repetition of the Name of God, may simply be called “Jaap.” Naam-Jaap is the primary thing for a Sikh. Read more about Jaap in the Sikh tradition