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A very hot topic in my family is ‘Migraine‘.

Dad can not come , he has migraine….. Migraine illustration
Sorry I’m not well … migraine…..
Sorry about Jaap he suffers from Migraines….
Nothing we can do about it , migraine runs in the family…..

You get it , my family has Migraine running in their ranks.

From being a young boy I can not remember a week without a bad headache , serious pain , vomiting , dizzy , hot , cold : Migraine !! That kept me going in and out of bed at the most uncommon moments for most of my life ’till about my age of 42. By then I had migrated to Australia and there those crazy Migraines followed me.

One night the coin dropped: 

When I had a cold (fore) head at night I would invariably have a migraine the day after.

The solution was easy: a wool cap , a beanie , a cotton cap or just a sheet of some insulating fabric was enough to stop my head loosing temperature at night and live a migraine free day. To be sure I tested it , and for sure : cold head = migraine !!

Looking back at a period in life where the migraines were at their worst :
Around my puberty years I slept next to a door to a hallway, for fresh air the door always stood ajar…. a lovely fresh breathing breeze over my forehead at night and a serious migraine at day.

My simple advice to all you migraine sufferers: Keep your head warm at night and you will know soon enough if that gives you relief from migraine !!
Wearing a beanie at night cured me from having migraines 100%. Never ever have a migraine anymore !!
Try it , it’s free !! Good Luck , Good Night !!